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Dreams about Abu Bakr Islamic Interpretations

Abu Bakr Al-Siddiq Dream Explanation — He was the father-in-law of the Holy Prophet Muhammad. He became the first caliph and died in Madina in A.D. 634. • Dreaming of Abu Bakr:

(1) Will take over power or become a spiritual leader.

(2) Will overcome rivals and be lucky with powerful and influential people.

(3) Will spend and sacrifice money and children in the way of Allah.

(4) Will be lucky with and preserve friends and servants.

(5) Will free bondmen and slaves.

(6) Will always be truthful.

(7) Will reach old age. (8) Will have pertinent views and be sharp in interpreting dreams.

(9) Will have troubles and experience fear and sorrow due to some sons or daughters and be compelled to hide.

(10) Will escape danger and hardships.

(11) Will perform pilgrimage and triumph over enemies.

(12) Will acquire knowledge.

(13) Will conduct Jihad  (holy war) and perhaps die as a martyr. • Seeing Abu Bakr alive: Will be lenient and compassionate with people. • Sitting with Abu Bakr: Will abide by the truth and promote the Tradition of the Holy Prophet, giving Muslims good counsel.

Incident Dream Explanation — Abdu-Rahman Al-Salmi related that God’s Prophet, upon whom be peace, united between Abu Bakr Al-Siddiq and Salman Al-Farisi, God be pleased with them both. One night Salman saw a dream in which Abu Bakr was involved. Salman kept his dream to himself and distanced himself from Abu Bakr, because it. One day Abu Bakr saw Salman and said to him: “My dear brother, why have you abandoned me?” Salman replied: “I saw your hand tied to your neck in a dream, and I was apprehensive of it.” Abu Bakr replied: “God is the greatest. It means that my hand is tied to spare it from wrongdoing.” Salman then related his dream to God’s Prophet, upon whom be peace, and added Abu Bakr’s interpretation. God’s Prophet (uwbp) confirmed the meaning and praised Abu Bakr’s good interpretation.

Incident Dream Explanation — A man came to Abu Bakr, God be pleased with him, and said: ” I was given seventy leaves in my dream last night.” Abu Bakr replied: “It means that you will be flogged seventy times.” The interpretation came true within a short time when he had to face such a public chastisement for a sin he committed. Within that same year, the man came to Abu Bakr and said: “I saw that same dream again.” Abu Bakr replied: “You will receive seventy thousand Dirhams.” The man said: “Oh Imam of the Muslims! Last year when I told you the same dream, you said that I will be flogged, and it took place, and this year you interpreted the dream to mean that I will receive seventy thousand Dirhams!” Abu Bakr replied: “O man, last year when you came to see me, the trees were shedding their leaves, and this year you are telling me the dream at the time when the trees are blooming with new blossoms.” Shortly after that, the man received seventy thousand Dirhams from a business deal.

Incident Dream Explanation — Once God’s Prophet (uwbp) related a dream to his blessed companion Abu Bakr, God be pleased with him. He said: “I saw in a dream that we were climbing a ladder. At the end, I reached two steps further than you did.” Abu Bakr replied: “O Messenger of God, God Almighty will call your soul back unto His mercy, and I shall live two and one half years after you have departed from this world.” In another dream, he said: “I saw a flock of black sheep tailed by another flock of white sheep following me.” Abu Bakr replied: “The Arabs will follow you first, then others will follow them.”

Companions Dream Explanation — • Seeing one of the companions of the Holy Prophet, like Abu Bakr Al-Siddiq, Omar ibn El-Khattab, Othman ibn Affan, and Ali ibn Abi Taleb, or all of them alive: The dreamer is blessed with a strong religious faith and a powerful family. He will also be promoted, dignified, and exalted. • Seeing the Prophet’s companions repeatedly in one’s dreams: Things will go for the better. • Dreaming of having become one of the Prophet’s companions: Will face hardships, then emerge victorious. • Seeing Abu Bakr alive: Will be kind-hearted and merciful. • Seeing Omar: Will be blessed with staunch religious faith, will make fair statements and will be praised by subordinates. • Seeing Othman alive: Will always be prosperous and envied by covetous persons. • Seeing Ali alive: Will be blessed with learning, courage, and asceticism.

Aisha Dream Explanation — She was the daughter of the caliph Abu Bakr and second wife of the Holy Prophet. She died in A.D. 678. • Seeing Aisha: Welfare and blessings. • A woman dreaming of Aisha: Will be well seen, well known for her virtue, and lucky with her husband and parents.

Incident Dream Explanation — Once a person related to Hadhrat Aboo Bakr As-Siddeeq 9RA) his dream saying that he dramt that a cloud sent forth rains of honey and butter-oil (ghee) and there were some who grabbved much of it while others took little of it. Hadhrat Aboo Bakr (RA) interpreted his dream as follows : “As for the cloud, it symbolizes Islam. The honey and ghee symbolizes the sweetness and excellence of Islam. Similarly, any rain comprising of anything beneficial heralds the approaching of good times”.

Incident Dream Explanation — Abu Sa’id Al-Khjdr’i, God be pleased with him, reported that God’s Prophet, upon whom be peace, has said: “While in my sleep, I saw people presented before me, most of whom wore a garment that covered down to their breast. Then arrived Omar who was dragging his robe behind him.” Someone asked: “How did you interpret it, O Messenger of God?” He replied: “Commitment to one’s religion.”

Incident Dream Explanation — It is narrated that Rabeeah bin Umayyah bin Khalf came to Hadhrat Aboo Baker As-Siddeeq (RA) and said: “ O khaleefah of the Messenger of Allah, I saw a dream last night. I saw myself in a lush and green land. Then I suddenly saw myself in a barren land. At this stage I saw you clasping your neck with both your hands”. Hadhrat Aboo Bakr As-Siddeeq (RA) : “if what you are saying is true then I am afraid you will forsake the Deen of Islam. As for me all my affairs will remain protected and my hands will not be contaminated through worldly pursuits”. The narrator says that during the Khilaafat of Hadhrat Umar (RA) Rabeeah Left Medinah to live in Rome . There he embraced Christianity in the presence of the then king and died as one.

Fever Dream Explanation — According to Abu Said Al-Waez, as quoted by Ibn Sireen,27 fever means a bad dream, as it is a harbinger of death and its archangel, Azrail. In other interpretations, dreaming of having a fever means long life, good health, and plenty of money. • Anybody seen feverish in a dream: He is planning or indulging in something antireligious. • Continuous fever: Insistence on sins. • A fever that recurs every other day: A sin for which the dreamer has repented after receiving a punishment. • A fever that comes back every four days: The dreamer has, time and again, been punished for a fault he committed unceasingly. • The chattering fever: Indulgence or negligence. • A very strong fever: The dreamer is racing others in corruption.

Incident Dream Explanation — Bishr bin Abi Al-‘Aliya said: “I asked Muhammad about someone who saw his jaws fall out in a dream.” He replied: ‘This is someone who has cut off his ties with his family.” Here again, Muhammad went to the origin, and in this case, it is one’s teeth. In Islam, breaking relations with one’s family is considered a major sin. Jubair Ibn Mut’in reported that God’s prophet (uwbp) has said: “One who breaks his family ties will not enter paradise.” (Bukhari & Muslim) Abu Iluraira, God be pleased with him, reported that God’s Messenger, upon whom be peace, has said: “Whoever wishes his fortune to increase and his life to be extended, should preserve his family ties.” (Bukhari)

Sweat Dream Explanation — Sweating means harm. According to Abu Said Al-Waez: • Wiping one’s sweat: Wishes will be fulfilled. • A ruler dreaming of stinking perspiration from under the armpit: Will overspend and earn a bad reputation. • A commoner dreaming of stinking perspiration: Will commit adultery. According to Ibn Siren, sweat means financial losses, especially if it flows on the ground. • One’s clothes being wet with sweat: Will save money for children as much as there was sweat. • Sweat with a nice smell: Blessed money. For Al-Kirmani, sweating means:  (1) Things will go through.  (2) If ill, will recover. Other interpreters are of the view that sweat symbolizes shame or fatigue.

Incident Dream Explanation — A woman came to God’s Prophet, upon whom be peace, and said: “Oh Messenger of God, I saw in a dream that the central pillar which supports the ceiling of my house broke, and the ceiling caved in.” God’s Prophet (uwbp) replied: “Your husband will return to his home from a journey.” Soon, the husband returned home from a business trip, and the wife was happy. While the husband is in town, the woman saw the same dream again, and she sought to ask God’s Prophet (uwbp) about it. When she did not find him, Abu Baler was present, so she told him the dream, and he replied: “Your husband will soon die.” In the first interpretation of the above dream, the husband was absent, while in the second dream, he was present. The conditions changed, and the meaning also changed.

Call For Prayer  (Arabic: Athan) Dream Explanation — There are contradictory interpretations of dreams involving the athan or call for prayers. In general, according to interpreter Abu Said Al-Waez, the athan is a good dream for religious-minded people and those who specialize in religion. It should also be done properly and in the proper place. Otherwise, it is a bad dream, as in the case of someone dreaming that he is calling for prayer in a garbage disposal area, in which case it would mean that the dreamer is attempting a reconciliation with a foolish person who would reject him. Likewise, calling for prayer in a house, rather than in the mosque, would mean that the dreamer is trying to entice a woman. According to Ibn Siren, the athan means separation between partners in view of a verse to this effect in “Suratul Taubah”  (Repentance) in the Holy Quran. • Calling for prayer once or twice, then praying as ordained by God: Will perform hajj or umrah  (minor and out-of-season pilgrimage). • Launching the prayer call while standing on the Kabah in Mecca (Makkah): The dreamer will come out with a heresy. The dream would be worse if the call was launched from within the Kabah. •

Calling for prayer from a minaret: The dreamer is advocating right and justice and would, hopefully, go to Mecca (Makkah). • Calling for prayer from a well: The dreamer is prompting people to embark on a long trip. • A nonprofessional muaththen  (the one who launches the prayer call) dreaming that he is doing so: Will have a post as high as his voice was loud and pleasant, in case he is eligible. • Calling for prayer from a hilltop:  (1) Will be entrusted with a glorious responsibility by a foreigner, if eligible.

(2) Will make a successful business deal or learn a valuable craft. • Extending or shortening the prayer call or altering its rituals: Will commit an injustice. • Launching the athan from a street: The dreamer will promote virtue and deter vice, if eligible; otherwise, he will start a fight. • Launching the prayer call while standing on top of a wall: The dreamer is undertaking a peace initiative. •

Launching the prayer call from a roof: Death will occur in that house. • Calling people for prayer but receiving no response: The dreamer is amid evildoers in view of a verse in the Holy Quran: “And the dwellers of the Garden  (Paradise) cry unto the dwellers of the Fire  (Hell): We have found that which our Lord promised us  (to be) the Truth. Have ye  (too) found that which your Lord promised the Truth? They say: Yea, verily. And a crier in between them crieth: The curse of Allah is on evildoer.”  (“Al-Aaraf,” verse 44.) • A child launching the prayer call: His parents will be innocent from calumnies, by analogy with the story and origin of Jesus Christ. • Launching the praying call in a bathroom: Bad dream on both the spiritual and material planes. It could mean that the dreamer is a pimp. •

Crying for prayers in the “hot house”23: Will have a shaking fever. Crying for prayers in the “cold house”: Will have a fever. • Launching the athan at the gate of the ruler: Will speak the truth. • Calling for prayer while clad indecently or showing one’s underwear: Will penetrate a woman. • Someone launching the athan in a souk  (marketplace): Someone in that souk will pass away. • Hearing an unpleasant athan: Someone is inviting the dreamer to indulge in vice and abominations. – Allah Kaarim

Our Lord! Forgive us our sins as well as those of our brethren who proceeded us in faith and let not our hearts entertain any unworthy thoughts or feelings against [any of] those who have believed. Our Lord! You are indeed full of kindness and Most Merciful (59:10)

What is Islam? What does it say about the purpose of life? You deserve to know about the fastest growing religion in the world. - Being a pious Muslim its our responsibility to spread the message of Islam..
What is Islam? What does it say about the purpose of life? You deserve to know about the fastest growing religion in the world.