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Abroad Islamic Dreams Interpretations

Abroad dream interpretations   Navel Dream Explanation — The navel symbolizes the man’s wife, woman, or sweetheart from among his maids or slaves. It also refers to his enthusiasm. • Seeing one’s navel: The dreamer will return from abroad. • A person whose parents are alive dreaming that his navel is in bad shape: His parents are ill. If his parents are no more, the dream is a reference to their country of origin. • Having pain in the navel: The dreamer is mistreating his wife.

Shield Dream Explanation — (Armor; Coat of mail) Abroad piece carried by warriors for their protection during their fight. In a dream, a shield means a faithful but an arguing friend. It also represents a well-mannered and a true person, or a sincere person who protects his friends and helps them. A valuable shield in a dream represents a beautiful and a wealthy wife, or any female acquaintance or relative. If the shield is worthless in the dream, then it means the opposite. (Also see Armor)

Flour Dream Explanation — Wheat or corn flour symbolizes whatever money the dreamer has amassed. It also refers to his children and other persons he supports. • Baking wheat or corn flour: Will visit relatives abroad. • Baking barley flour: The dreamer is a true believer, will triumph over enemies and will earn a fortune and a high post. • Flour paste: Honest and quick business gains if it fermented. If it does not, it means corruption or that things will go wrong and the dreamer will experience financial hardships. If it turns sour, the subject is about to lose everything.

Thigh Dream Explanation — The thigh symbolizes the person’s clan or tribe. • One’s thigh having been severed: The dreamer will be separated from his folk and die abroad because, says Ibn Siren, once the thigh has been amputated, it can never be returned  (a view challenged by modern science). • One’s two thighs made of brass or copper: The dreamer’s folk are intrepid sinners. • Dreaming that one’s thigh is red and hairy and calling someone to let him shave that hair: The dreamer has a debt a relative will settle on his behalf. • Having a reduced or small thigh:  (1) The dreamer’s clan is small.  (2) The dreamer is a solitary person.  (3) The dreamer will be estranged. • Having pain in the thigh: The dreamer is not good to his folk.

Archangels Dream Explanation — Azrail  (the Archangel of Death) • Seeing Azrail: (1) Must prepare for death. (2) Death of a sick person. (3) A lurking enemy. (4) Will have a long life. • Azrail seeming happy: The dreamer will die as a martyr. • Azrail frowning and looking unhappy: The dreamer will die without repenting. • Wrestling with Azrail: (1) If he overcomes the Angel of Death, the dreamer will face death, but God will save him. (2) If the Angel of Death gains the upper hand, the dreamer will die. • Kissing Azrail or vice versa: (1) Inheritance. (2) Dispersal. (3) Something bad will happen. Israfil  (the archangel who will blow the horn to summon mankind on the Day of Resurrection) • Seeing Israfil: Good tidings and a beneficial trip. • Israfil bending and blowing the horn and only the dreamer hearing its sound: The dreamer will pass away. Israfil bending and blowing the horn and other people in the area hearing the horn:

(1) Death and atrocities will take place in that spot.

(2) Justice will prevail and the unjust will perish. Jibril  (Gabriel) Seeing Jibril: • Will embark on a journey to seek knowledge abroad and return successfully. In modern terms, will study and graduate from abroad. • Will triumph over enemies. • Will promote virtue and combat vice. • Being hostile to Jibril or arguing with him: Will arouse God’s wrath and anger and concur with non-Muslims. • Taking food from Jibril: Will deserve Paradise. • Jibril looking sad and worried: Will encounter hardships and be punished, for Gabriel is not only the Archangel of Knowledge and Learning but of Chastisement as well. • Jibril appearing in a city or village: Abundance and cheaper prices, because he is the Archangel of Mercy, too. Malek  (the Custodian of Hell) • Seeing Malek: Will be questioned or arrested by the police. • Malek smiling: Will be safe from prison. • Malek seen smiling by a sick person: The dreamer may die. • Malek giving some nice food to the dreamer:

(1) You love God, His Messenger, and the believers.

(2) You will have more dignity and power.

(3) You will abstain from hypocrisy and sins.

(4) You will return to the right path after erring. • A cordial and enthusiastic Malek: Will be safe from Hell. • Malek dissatisfied with the dreamer, turning away or staring angrily at him: Will commit something conducive to Hell. Mikail  (Michael) Seeing Mikail: • For a person who fears God: desires will be fulfilled on earth and in the Hereafter; for a disbeliever: A warning! • Will acquire money, dignity, and power. • Will be generous and charitable. Radwan  (the Custodian of Paradise) • Seeing Radwan:

(1) Felicity, lasting happiness.

(2) The fulfilment of promises. (3) The fulfilment of wishes.

(3) Achievements.

(5) Reconciliation and return of the good favours of the authority, especially if Radwan has given the dreamer a fruit or a cloth from Paradise or has been smiling at him.

(6) God’s blessing, prosperity.

(7) Nice living.

(8) The end of all worries. • Radwan appearing happy with the dreamer or treating him cordially: God is pleased with the subject and will shower His overt and covert blessings on him. Siddiqoon, Alias Nuriai, Alias Ruhail.  (The Archangel of Dreams and Adages Based on the “Guarded Tablets.”)21 Siddiqoon symbolizes excellence, the science of probing and unveiling secrets, the interpreter who translates for kings and knows their secrets, and the erudite. • Seeing Siddiqoon: (1) Good augury, good tidings. (2) Avid reading in tablets and books, as is the case with those working in the fields of education and writing. (3) Joy. (4) The fulfilment of promises. (5) Life and death. (6) Governing. (7) Marriage and children. (8) Travel and return. (9) Glory and defeat. • Siddiqoon telling or giving something to the dreamer: It will be so.

Asylum Dream Explanation — The asylum, or mental institution, symbolizes frequent travel, asceticism, the heeding of God and reading of the Holy Quran, the stoppage of income, the end of wedlock, the abandoning of children, repentances, the return of religious faith, relief from worries, and sometimes diphtheria  (the suffocation disease, to borrow the expression of Al-Nabulsi). It could also represent the bathroom, as madness was believed by the ancient Arabs to be associated with demons and because, like the bathroom, the mental institution is a place where people take off their clothes, show their private parts, and exhibit repulsive manners. For some interpreters, the madhouse refers to the school, because, there, the inpatients were educated by force, in ancient times, and taught to read and write and know the Quran. But the sanatorium also alludes to entertainment, playing, joking, and irresponsible behaviour in society or in people’s occupations, as is the case with psychopaths. A mentally disturbed person would not mind parting from his children. • A dead person seen in a sanatorium: He is in Hell, as the madhouse “is the place of chains and shackles”  (which have now been replaced by the straitjacket). • Being in the asylum amid sick people: Will go to jail for some legal matters. • Being in the asylum with the mad: Will be imprisoned with criminals. • A person in good health dreaming of being in a sanatorium: Will be ill. • A sick person dreaming of being in a madhouse:  (1) Prolonged illness.  (2) Will die estranged, abroad, or as a martyr.  (3) For a poor person, it means that he will have enough welfare and prosperity to make him independent and no longer in need of anything from anyone.

Head Dream Explanation — The person’s head is the imam or Muslim spiritual leader, his chief, his capital, or his endeavours. It also symbolizes his parents and his children if they are alive. Moreover, it symbolizes the mind or the brain. Any disease in the head applies to the dreamer’s chief. • The imam seeing his head bigger than usual: Abundance and more power. • An ordinary person seeing his head bigger than usual: More dignity. The reverse is also true. • The imam seeing himself with a ram head: He will be fair and just. • The imam seeing himself with a dog head: He will be a tyrant and treat his subjects foolishly. • A person whose parents or children are alive dreaming of having been beheaded: Bad omen. • The same dream made by a person who is afraid or condemned to death: A good dream, because you only die once. • A capitalist dreaming that his head has been severed: Will lose his capital. • Owning a head: Will have a capital of at least one thousand monetary units. • Eating one’s own head or some of the bones of the skull: Will eat up one’s capital. • Having two or three heads:  (1) If engaged in a duel: Will beat the adversary.  (2) If poor: Will get rich.  (3) If rich: Will have good children.  (4) If a bachelor: Will get married and obtain what is desired. • A merchant seeing himself upside-down: Will suffer a setback in his business. • A man seeing himself hanging upside-down:  (1) Will have a long life, but full of toiling.  (2) Will be blamed. • Hanging upside-down in front of a crowd: The dreamer has done something wrong, feels sorry about it, and is repenting, but will live long, in view of a verse in the Holy Quran: “He whom We bring unto old age, We reverse him in creation  (making him go back to weakness after strength). Have ye then no sense?”  (“Ya-Sin,” verse 68.) • One’s head being reversed:  (1) If planning a trip, there will be a hindrance, but the trip will take place at a later time.  (2) If already abroad, will return to the homeland but a bit late, unintentionally. • A cold sore and pain in the head or neck: An epidemic will strike the people. • Seeing oneself with a dog head, a donkey head, a horse head, or the head of any domestic animal: Will suffer from vexation, trouble, fatigue, and servitude. • Seeing oneself with the head of an elephant, a lion, a tiger, or a wolf: The dreamer is handling matters beyond his capacity or surpassing himself, but not without success, and he will rise to the top and subdue his enemies. • Having a bird head: Will travel very often. • Seeing severed heads: People will submit to the dreamer’s authority. • Eating a person’s head raw: Will backbite a chief and obtain money from some leaders. • Eating a cooked head: Will eat up capital. • The dreamer’s head having been removed without being hit: Separation from the chief. The head being subsequently displaced means money will go. • Recovering one’s head, which had fallen without reason:  (1) Financial gains.  (2) Will recover, if ill. • Replacing one’s severed head and seeing it working: Will be killed in Jihad  (holy struggle). • Seeing a head on a metal or wooden spearhead: A reference to a high-ranking official. • Seeing a head in a container stained with blood: A chief is lying to the dreamer. • The neck having been hit with a sword, sending the head reeling on the ground:  (1) If ill, will heal.  (2) If indebted, will settle debts.  (3) If the dreamer has never been to Mecca (Makkah), he will go there.  (4) If worried or at war, will be relieved. In case the one who had cut off the head was identified, relief would come at the hand of such a person. If that person was a child below the age of puberty or if the dreamer was ill for a long time, relief would be followed by death. However, the same dream made by someone who is neither ill nor indebted, nor worried, nor at war would mean that the dreamer will no longer be prosperous and will be abandoned by his chief and his power will wane. • A king beheading the dreamer: The king is God, Who will save the dreamer from his trouble and help him out. • A king severing the heads of his subjects: That king will grant an amnesty to convicts. • Carrying the head in one’s hand: Good dream for a childless person or one who cannot go abroad. • Carrying an alternative head: The dreamer is fighting a plague or trying to remedy something bad he had concocted. • Seeing oneself having cut off people’s heads at one’s home: People will be driven to the dreamer and will come to his home of their own free will or will assemble there. • Seeing horns on one’s head: The dreamer is an invincible man.29 • Seeing oneself with a big head: The dreamer has a big brain. • Seeing oneself headless: The dreamer is ignorant and has little, if any, brains. • Eating the head of a dead person: The dreamer will die soon.

Eye Dream Explanation — The eye represents the person’s vision and discrimination between right and wrong. It also symbolizes money and children, as they are as dear as the eyes. The black eye refers to religion, the blue religious violation, and the green a religion different from all others. • Having several eyes in the body: Excessive virtue and religion. • Dreaming that one’s stomach has been opened and finding an eye in it: The dreamer is a hypocrite. • Dreaming that one’s eyes are those of a stranger: The dreamer will go blind and be guided by someone else. • Dreaming that one’s eyes are those of an identified person: The dreamer will marry that person’s daughter and benefit from him. • Dreaming that one’s eyes are gone: The dreamer’s children will die. • A person in a foreign land dreaming that he is completely blind: He will stay abroad till he dies. • Seeing one’s eyes made of iron: The dreamer will be in deep trouble and the center of a scandal. • Opening one’s eyes to see a certain person: That person will look into the dreamer’s plea and help him. • Staring angrily at someone: The dreamer will have spite for that person. • Hearing with one’s eyes and seeing with one’s ears: The dreamer is inciting his family and daughter to commit sins. • Seeing the eye of a man or an animal in one’s palm: The dreamer will get plenty of money. • Looking at an eye and liking it: The dreamer will do something harmful to his religion. • The heart having an eye or eyes: Religious devotion inasmuch as they were bright. • Squinting: The dreamer is eyeing women with lust. • Dreaming that one’s eyes have been pierced: The dreamer will lose someone or something very dear. • Seeing something white in or around the pupil of the eye or a kind of screen: Trouble, deep worries, losses, and loss of aspirations. • An absent relative returning blind: The dreamer will die. • Having “the black water”  (glaucoma) in the eyes and being unable to see anything: The dreamer is shameless because, says Ibn Siren, the eye is the center of decency and shame. • One’s eye becoming dim: The dreamer is eyeing a friendly woman indecently. • Having weak eyesight:  (1) The dreamer needs people’s help and is going adrift.  (2) The dreamer’s children will be ill. • The eyes falling on one’s knees: Death of a brother and a son or any two other dear persons. • Seeing a slave girl  (the word in Arabic meaning “A running one”) or a couple of eyes flying rapidly in the sky: Will make money from business or a craft.

Moon Dream Explanation — The moon symbolizes the emperor, the supreme commander, or a person as influential as the former. The stars around it are his soldiers, the Pleiades are his houses or his wives and slave girls. It could also refer to the knowledgeable man, the scholar or all sorts of guides, evidence, references, and indications, for it lights people’s way in the darkness, especially during the last three nights in the Arabic month, which are the darkest. It alludes as well to children, the husband or wife, the master, and the beautiful female, owing to its beauty, particularly when it is full. Likewise, the moon alludes to whatever increases and decreases, because this, in fact, is what happens to it regularly when it starts as a crescent, turns into a full moon, then becomes again like a bracket. The new moon, or crescent, also represents a king, a prince, a commander, a leader, the newborn as it starts appearing from the vagina or as it utters its first cries, the hot bread just coming from the oven, a person reappearing after a long absence, the muath-then, or the one who cries for prayers, as he appears in his minaret, the orator at the podium, et cetera. • A sick person seeing the moon at the beginning of the  (Islamic) month descending on him or coming to him: Will recover. • A sick person seeing the moon descending on him or coming to him according to the shape of the moon: The remaining days in the month represent the days, months, or years  (depending on other signs in the dream) left for him to live. • A crescent descending on a person at the beginning of the month: An absent one will return from a trip. • The moon descending on a person at the end of the month: Will be estranged or stay abroad. • The moon seen on the dreamer’s knees or in his hand: Will marry someone as bright as the moonlight. • The moon rising in the sky: A process has been initiated  (something the dreamer is trying to achieve). • The moon disappearing: It is too late for whatever the dreamer is asking or striving for. • A full moon right where it should be, shining in the sky: The prime minister will be good to the people of that place. • Seeing one’s face reflected in the moon: Will die. • Hanging to the moon: Will obtain some benefits from the sultan. • A king seeing the moon having become dark: His subjects will harm him and deny everything good he had done to them. • The moon becoming the sun: Benefits, money, and prosperity on the part of the wife or the mother. •

Being in perfect agreement with the moon: A reference to travellers, sailors, and astrologers or astronomers. • Looking to the sky and failing to spot the moon, then looking down to find it in bits and pieces on the ground:  (1) If a chemist or someone working with gold: Will go bankrupt.  (2) If poor: Will have plenty of riches.  (3) If a woman: Her husband will be killed. • Seeing a crescent: Will triumph over enemies. • Seeing a crescent during hajj  (pilgrimage) months or days: Will perform hajj, especially if the head was shaved in the dream. • Crescents assembled in the sky: Will go on hajj. • A crescent rising from the east or the west and people admiring it on the first or last night of the Islamic month: Great news will come from that direction. If it were gleaming, scintillating, or sparkling, the news would be good. If, on the contrary, it was dark, made of brass or copper or looking like a snake or a scorpion, the news would be bad. The greater its size or its evolution in the sky, the more wide-ranging the news would be. • Seeing a beautiful and harmonious crescent: Will have a nice baby, be given a province, or achieve business gains, depending on the dreamer’s status. • The crescent looking red: Wife will have a miscarriage. • A crescent falling on the ground: Death of a scholar or a son. • People trying unsuccessfully to get a glimpse of the new moon, which is visible only to the dreamer: The latter will die.

Resuscitate  (Live Again) Dream Explanation — • Resuscitating:  (1) Will overcome poverty and become rich or self-sufficient.  (2) Will become an apostate  (change religion).  (3) Will come back safe and sound from a journey in view of a verse in the Holy Quran that reads: “Bethink thee [O Muhammad] of those of old, who went forth from their habitations in their thousands, fearing death,46 and Allah said unto them: Die, and then He brought them back to life …”  (“Al-Baqarah” [The Heifer], verse 243.)  (4) Will commit a sin, then repent, in view of a verse in the Holy Quran that reads: “They say: Our Lord! Twice hast Thou made us die, and twice hast Thou made us live. Now we confess our sins. Is there any way to go out?”  (“Ghafer” [The Forgiver] or “Al-Mumin” [The Believer], verse 11.)

(5) Will live long.  (6) The dreamer is a tanner. • Resuscitating someone: Will help an atheist become a Muslim or a debauchee repent, or the dreamer will simply repent. • One’s grandfather or grandmother resuscitating: Revival of efforts and luck, as the word for grandparent in Arabic is a homonym of endeavour. • One’s father or mother resuscitating: Relief from worries.  (The dream involving the father is more likely to come true.) • Resuscitation of a son: Emergence of a most unexpected enemy. • Resuscitation of a daughter: Relief and satisfaction. • Resuscitation of a brother: The dreamer’s weakness will turn into strength in view of the following verses: “ (My Lord), appoint for me a henchman from my folk, Harun [Aaron], my brother. Confirm my strength with him.”  (“Ta-Ha”, verses 29–31.) • Resuscitation of a sister: An absent one will return from abroad, bringing joy, owing to the Quranic verse that reads: “And she said unto his sister: Trace him. So she sighted him from afar, whereas they perceived not”  (“Al-Qasas” [The Requital, verse 11) . •

Resuscitation of an uncle or an aunt: Return or revival of a matter that had gone out of the dreamer’s hands. • Dead women rising beautifully dressed with full makeup: The dreamer or the family of these women will witness the revival of certain matters, depending on how beautiful the women looked and how well they were dressed. White dresses refer to religious matters, red to entertainment, and black to wealth, power, and mastery. If their dresses are tattered, it means poverty and worries; dirty dresses symbolize the accumulation of sins. • Making love to one’s resuscitated wife and getting wet with her water  (semen):  (1) Pending matters will be settled favourably, and money will be spent willingly in the right way.  (2) Will resume one’s leadership.  (3) Business will be lucrative. ••

Marrying a resuscitated woman and taking her to one’s house: Will do something, then regret it. • Marrying a resuscitated woman, taking her to one’s house, penetrating her, and spreading her discharge all over one’s body: Will regret some act, lose as a result of it, and experience worries, but things will be set right later on. The more discharge there was on the dreamer’s body, the better. The same interpretation would apply if the hero of the dream was a woman and the discharge a man’s sperm. • Marrying a resuscitated woman, abstaining from touching her, but settling in her house: Will die. • Finding a dead person alive in his grave: Will become wise and pious and achieve orderly gains. • Going to a graveyard to unearth the dead and finding some of them alive and the others not: A bloodbath will take place in that spot or country. • A pharaoh resuscitating and ruling a country: Tyranny or corruption will prevail and the people’s condition will deteriorate.

Penis Dream Explanation — Basically, the word for penis in Arabic is thakar, a homonym of male. It is almost an homonym of thikr as well, meaning “reputation.” Those are major considerations in interpreting dreams involving the penis. Therefore, the penis refers to the person’s reputation among people; a male child or children; well-being; money; the life span, honour and prestige; or anyone who exerts efforts to ensure other people’s comfort and safety, such as the father, the son who honours his parents name, the attentive boy, the good partner or the messenger. It also alludes to the horse or camel, et cetera. It could refer as well to the bucket or watering can and to any being the dreamer has sex with. For the farmer, the penis symbolizes his plow, and reaping hook; for the carpenter his perforator; for the blacksmith his pair of bellows; for the litter his assay scales; for the butcher his knife; for the writer; the pen that he puts in the ink pot; for the soldier his arrow or spear; for the ship-owner or sailor his mast or pole; and so on and so forth.

Sometimes it even refers to the weeping eye or the one-eyed. Most significant as well is the penis symbolizing the animals that roams at night and seek refuge in their burrows. • The dreamer’s erect penis having become longer, bigger, and more beautiful, in a way as to make him proud of it: The dreamer will have plenty of children and wealth, and his wife and whoever is in charge of gating his land, if any, will enjoy good health. It also means that he will be better off or will recover in case he is ill, that his troubles and worries will go away, and that he will overcome his enemies by using his power and influence, for the simple reason that erection usually occurs only when the person lives and eats well, is satisfied, and is enjoying peace of mind. • Paradoxically, seeing one’s penis longer than usual: Worries and deep trouble are on the way. • Seeing a pen coming out of one’s penis: The dreamer will have a son who will be versed in all disciplines  (because the pen serves to register and preserve all kinds of knowledge). • Having lost one’s penis and regretting it: Something will affect the dreamer’s son.

(1) If he is a ruler or governor, he will be deposed.  (2) If ill, he will pass away.  (3) He will be lost.  (4) He will travel and no news will come of him. • The penis having been cut: The dreamer will die, his son will die, he will no longer have male children, he will lose his money, or he will stay away from his country for a long time, during which his folk will forget him. • Severing or eating someone else’s penis: The dreamer will sever relations with that person. • Biting someone else’s penis: The dreamer likes or loves that man and speaks very highly of him. • Someone playing with the dreamer’s penis: Joy and prosperity. •

An intellectual dreaming that he is playing with his penis: Distraction and passion will dominate his mind. • Seeing another penis or harmless herbs growing out of one’s penis: Children, benefits, and general welfare. If the herbs were harmful it would be otherwise. • The penis appearing like a tree with many branches: The dreamer will be prolific. • The penis splitting into three:  (1) The dreamer will die.  (2) The dreamer will have three sons. • Having two penises instead of one: The dreamer will be blessed with two sons. •

Having two penises, one on top of the other: If the dreamer is a profligate, he will sodomize his two sons. • Finding someone else’s penis in your hand: The dreamer will obtain one thousand of something, depending on his social or financial standard. • Seeing one’s penis having been cut and put on one’s ear: The dreamer will have a daughter who will never get married or will give birth to an illegitimate child. • The penis having been cut off in the vagina of the dreamer’s pregnant wife:  (1) She will have a miscarriage, or the child will die.  (2) The water will be cut off from the dreamer’s garden, if any. • A hot loaf of bread coming out of the penis: Poverty is ahead. • Seeing one’s testicles having been cut, though the penis is still there: The dreamer will have no more daughters. • A woman dreaming that she has a penis  (or a beard):  (1) If married, she will divorce.  (2) More power for whoever is supporting her.  (3) She is rebelling against the husband’s authority, dominating him, retaliating for any reproach on his part, especially if in the dream she is dressed like a man.  (4) If pregnant, she will give birth to a male child.  (5) If she is not pregnant but already has a boy, the latter will become the master of his folk.  (6) If neither pregnant nor the mother of a boy, she will never have children, in view of her masculinity.  (7) It could also indicate that she is a lesbian who uses her clitoris like men do their phallus in making love to the opposite sex.  (8) If she is not a lesbian, is not married, and has never conceived, she will get married. • A pregnant woman introducing her penis in her anus: She will have an abortion or a miscarriage. • A man introducing his penis in his anus: He will live long. • The penis having retreated into the body: The dreamer will conceal a testimony. • The dreamer removing his penis or part thereof with his hand and replacing it:  (1) One of his sons will die and another will be born.  (2) Lost money will be retrieved.  (3) The dreamer will regain his reputation or fame. • Being busy doing something good or bad in the midst of a crowd, naked, the penis erect, and feeling no shame:  (1) Aspirations will be fulfilled.  (2) Hardships are over and the dreamer will get what he wanted badly.  (3) Social status will improve.  (4) Triumph over enemies.  (5) If the penis is hard and undistorted, the dreamer will struggle harder till he recovers his lost prestige.  (6) If his penis had stretched and widened till surpassing his head or going to bed with him like a sex partner, he will become well-known and highly respected in his country and his work will be appreciated. He will also enjoy all sensual pleasures. The longer cock means more money; its bigger size is excellence in the dreamer’s craft or profession and more energy and power.  (7) If the penis had reached his chest: The dreamer will persevere further.  (8) Touching the erect penis creeping under one’s clothes: The dreamer himself and his children will become famous and highly appreciated. • Seeing one’s penis having become weak:  (1) The dreamer’s son will become ill.  (2) Success and fame are about to cease.  (3) Numbness, torpor, and poverty insomuch as the penis appeared weak. • Bending to one’s own penis and sucking it: The dreamer will bow to his son and do all that the latter wishes to the extent of being subdued by him. • Sucking the penis of a human being or an animal: The sucker will live in the shadow of the person in question or be remembered for something that has to do with the animal that appeared in the dream. • Being circumcised: Improved religious faith, for in general the circumcised penis symbolizes the arrow of Jesus  (sic). • A non circumcised penis: The tailor’s spool. • Seeing a prepuce  (foreskin) around one’s penis: The dreamer is indulging in luxury in a way inconsistent with the teachings and the Tradition of the Muslims  Holy Prophet. • A knot on one’s penis: Life will get harder no more easy going, people will laugh or scoff at the dreamer’s son, or he will not marry. • The urethra, orifice  (or hole) of the penis s urinary tract:  (1) A reference to the parents and to children, because of the sperm that it ejaculates, which is the direct cause of fathering children.  (2) A reference to brothers, sisters, and other relatives.  (3) A reference to women, because of the libido.  (4) A reference to man’s physical fitness.  (5) A reference to the dreamer’s assets because, like them, it expands and shrinks or gets empty and full, alternatively.  (6) A reference to logic and literature. • Kissing the penis s aperture  (hole):  (1) The son’s recovery from a disease or better health.  (2) The dreamer’s children will return from abroad, and he will be able to see them and kiss them.  (3) In case the dreamer is childless, he will have children. • Seeing plenty of hair in the aperture of one’s penis:

The dreamer is profligate, shameless, extravagant, and immersed in debauchery. • Feeding the orifice of one’s penis: The dreamer will have an awful death. • Seeing hair growing on the father’s penis: The father is nearing death. • One’s penis turning into a vulva  (female sex organ): The dreamer’s mettle and power will weaken, or he will become impotent. •

A woman’s vulva turning into a phallus while the dreamer’s penis is in it: Her character will change and if she remains so, it means she will always be the dominating, rebellious, and obscene type. • The penis turning into iron, copper, or any precious metal: The dreamer will lose interest in life, have no more children, and perhaps lose his tranquillity, because such an alteration is of no use whatsoever. • Seeing one’s penis blackened and hanging slackly: The dreamer is not faring well. •

Seeing wounds or sores on one’s penis: People are saying obscene things about the dreamer. • A snake swallowing the dreamer’s penis: His wife has committed adultery. • A snake coming out of the penis s aperture: The dreamer will have a boy. • A snake going out of the penis, then in, then out again: The dreamer will be disappointed by that organ. • A snake coming out of the dreamer’s nose, breast, back or penis: The dreamer will have a male child who might grow up to become an enemy. • Drinking water through one’s penis: The dreamer is a concupiscent and libidinous man. • Hitting somebody or something with one’s penis: The dreamer will make love.

Sun Dream Explanation — The sun symbolizes the Greatest King  (God), as it is the brightest thing in the sky and it benefits mankind and, in Arabic, sky and heavens are homonyms. It also represents activity, as people wake up when it rises. Likewise it heralds the birth of male children. Any alteration in it is a harbinger of intrigue and plights. Seen by the dreamer alone, it could refer to his king, his lord, his teacher, his son, or his gold. In case the dreamer is a woman, it could allude to her husband. The sun also represents the father as it gives it light to the moon, like the father sponsors his son. However, very significant for the ancient Arabs was the fact that, in their language, sun was feminine and moon was masculine. Thus the former was more often interpreted as the mother.

Likewise, it could mean an honest and noble grandmother, mother, wife, mother-in-law, or daughter of a king or a head of state or of the dreamer himself, as was the case with the Prophet Yusuf  (Joseph). In other interpretations, it simply refers to a beautiful woman in view of the fact that Arab poets likened pretty women to the sun. The sunlight is the awe and justice of the king. A nice dream would be to see the sun exactly as it is—as it looks and behaves—in reality. • Being addressed by the sun  (or the moon): The dreamer will be dignified by the ruler. • The sun talking to the dreamer in a comprehensible manner:  (1) He will be acquainted with the science of invoking jinn.  (2) He will correspond with great personalities.  (3) He will become a translator or an interpreter. •

The sun or the moon talking to the dreamer, who then obeys: He will pass away. • The sun falling: The values of this world will be in jeopardy, or something terrible will happen to the dreamer’s parents. If it falls on the ground, the dreamer’s father will die. • The sun falling to the ground and being swallowed by a bird, falling in the sea, burning till it is completely consumed, blackening, changing course, and disappearing in the sky or dissolving in the Ursa Major  (Great Bear) or Ursa Minor  (Small Bear): The person it alludes to will die. • The sun becoming floppy or falling apart: Quick harm will befall everybody, except those whose work involves secrecy.  (1) The dreamer will go blind.  (2) The dreamer’s children will die. • The sun shining on one’s country: The dreamer will return home safe and sound. • The sun being covered by a cloth or by clouds or smoke, which causes its light to dim or the sun moving hectically in the sky: The person it symbolizes will have an accident, be ill, receive some disturbing news, or experience worries and trouble. If already ill, he will die. • The sun getting dark without there being an eclipse or for any other reason: The person it represents is unjust.

He could also be a tyrant or an atheist. In any case, he is lost. • Holding the sun or placing it on one’s knees or seeing it enter one’s house and admiring its brightness:  (1) The dreamer will have more dignity and strength or a wider realm, if eligible.  (2) The master of the house will return, if absent.  (3) The dreamer’s pregnant woman will deliver a good-looking boy or girl, depending on other signs in the dream. For instance, if the dreamer had covered the baby with his Arab dress or put it in a container to shelter it, it would be a girl. • The sun looking dark or colourless:  (1) The dreamer will turn against his king, superior, or folk.  (2) Influence will wane.  (3) A worker will rebel.  (4) A sick relative or acquaintance will die.  (5) A pregnant woman will have a miscarriage or give birth to a son. • The sun rising in the west, setting, then returning to where it had risen from: (1) The dreamer’s plans or planned attitude will change for the better or for the worse, depending on other signs in the dream. (2) A sick person the sun alludes to will have a relapse or will die, in view of the disappearance of the shadow often used as a metaphor for the human being. Witness the Quranic verses: “Hast thou not seen how thy Lord hath spread the shade—And if He willed He could have made it still—then We have made the sun its pilot; then We withdraw it unto Us, a gradual withdrawal?”  (“Al-Furqan” [The Criterion], verses 45–46.) (3) If ill, the dreamer will recover and become healthy.

If suffering from some ailment in the eye, he will not lose his eyesight. (4) The dreamer’s secret will be unveiled, and he will become notorious. (5) Good augury for someone planning to travel west. (6) A stillbirth. (7) The dreamer will return to jail. (8) An absent one will return with money from abroad. (9) An atheist who has embraced Islam or a tyrant who has repented will return to his prior state.  (10) Secrecy will be preserved  (thanks to the darkness that follows the sunset).  (11) A bride, slave or servant, will return to where she came from.  (12) Divorce will be cancelled; wife or husband will return.  (13) Miscarriage.  (14) If engaged in Jihad  (holy struggle) or at war, victory will be on the dreamer’s side.  (15) If poor, the dreamer would get clothes and money till becoming rich, if the dream occurred in winter. The same dream in summer means troubles, worries, a feverish disease, or an ailment in the eye.  (16) Death is near.  (17) The dreamer will embrace faith by force. • The sun rising from the earth and getting very bright as usual:

(1) Recovery from a disease.  (2) Return of an absent one, healthy and wealthy. • The sun rising from the south and heading north, appearing dark or looking blood red: Bad omen for everybody.  (It would be a good augury only for someone who is trying to conceal something.) It could mean:  (1) Unemployment.  (2) Sickness of the dreamer’s children.  (3) Hardships.  (4) Eye disease. • A bright sun rising in a clear sky:  (1) If the dreamer is a ruler or a governor, he will gain strength.  (2) If the dreamer is a prince, he will be blessed by God.  (3) If the dreamer is a commoner, he will receive legitimate benefits.  (4) If the dreamer is a woman, she will be spoiled by her husband. • The sun rising in the dreamer’s house:  (1) If the dreamer is a merchant, he will make business profits.  (2) If the dreamer is a suitor, he will obtain the favours of a beautiful woman or will marry a relative and become prosperous.  (3) If the dreamer is a woman, she will get married to a rich and generous man.  (4) Beware of someone you esteem. • The sun rising in somebody else’s house: The dreamer will marry an alien woman and benefit from her folk. • The sun rising on the dreamer’s head: The dreamer will obtain something big and almost everything else he aspires to in this life. • The sun rising on one’s feet: The dreamer will achieve hefty and honest gains from agriculture. •

The sun rising on the dreamer’s stomach or any other part of his body, under his clothes, without anybody knowing about it or noticing it: The dreamer will contract leprosy. • The stomach splitting open and the sun rising in it: The subject will die. • A woman dreaming that the sun has slipped from her pocket  (which is a metaphor of her capacity) unto her body and gone out from the tail of her dress: The dreamer will marry a king who will stay with her for one night. If he divorces her afterwards, she will become an adulteress. • The sun rising on a woman’s vagina: She will commit adultery. • The sun rising from the aperture of the penis:

The dreamer will be blessed with a male child who will become a king or a minister. • Sitting in the sun: Prosperity and blessings from Heaven. • A dead person sitting on the sun in summer: A hint of the suffering and sorrow he is enduring. • Turning into a sun: The dreamer will have a realm as great as the sunshine. • Seizing a sun hanging on a chain: The dreamer will become a just governor. • Sitting on the sun and taking medication: The dreamer will be blessed by the ruler. • The sunlight spreading from east to west: The dreamer will own as much land as the area covered, or control it, if eligible. • Dreaming that the sun rays and light are beamed from east to west:  (1) The dreamer will have a great realm, if eligible.  (2) The dreamer will be renowned for his knowledge all over the world. • Seizing or controlling the sun: Prayers will be heard by the Almighty, the King of Kings. • Being burnt by the sun:  (1) The dreamer will die for the love of a beautiful face.  (2) Whoever the sun refers to will have a calamity.  (3) Corrupt religious faith.  (4) The dreamer is making a vow to God in connection with a sin. For a lady, she will be blessed with a good-looking husband or a child, if pregnant. • The sun disappearing completely and the dreamer tailing it: He will die. Following the sun, which does not set: The dreamer will be taken captive with the king. • The sun turning into a man in his forties: The ruler will become humble before God and reign with justice, thus gaining power and improving the Muslims  lot. •

The sun turning into a young man: The Muslims will become weak and their ruler a tyrant. • Fire coming out of the sun and burning what is around it: The king will destroy some members of his court or entourage. • The sun turning red: Corruption. • The sun turning yellow: The king will be ill. • The sun turning black: The dreamer will be defeated and plagued. • The sun withering away: A reference to the dreamer’s aspirations. • The sun lying on the ground without shining: The king will be deposed. • Fighting the sun: The dreamer will rebel against the king. • Seizing the sunlight: God will reveal a treasure to the dreamer or will bestow upon him tremendous riches. • Sun rays getting weaker: The king’s awe will decline. • The sun splitting in two, half of it going and the other half remaining: Someone will rebel against the king. If the other had gone, too, and mixed with the part already gone to make a new, complete sun, the dissident or renegade would take over the entire country. The reverse is also true. But if the two halves remain apart, the renegade will control half the king’s realm, thus becoming his opposite number. • Swallowing the sun: The dreamer will have a life full of troubles and worries. • A king dreaming that he has swallowed the sun: He will die. • The sun setting in the dreamer’s bedding: He will have a high fever or an infection in the body, unless some benefits are perceived in the dream, in which case this means that the dreamer will have abundant means. •

The sun taking or giving something to the dreamer: Bad omen. • Running away from the heat of the sun to take shelter in a shadow: The dreamer will escape sorrow. • Finding the shadow too cold and moving to sit in the sun: Poverty will go  (because, says Ibn Siren, cold is poverty). • Taking hold of the sun or controlling it while it is intensely dark: The king will confide a secret to the dreamer. • The sun, the moon, and the stars all assembled, shining and emitting rays in a place under the dreamer’s control: Kings, ministers, and chiefs will lend an ear to the dreamer and endorse his views. If, on the contrary, they were neither shining nor emitting rays, that is a bad omen. The sun and the moon rising before the dreamer: His parents are contented with him. If the sun and moon are shining, the parents are unhappy with him. • Seeing a sun and a moon on the right, on the left, right in front, or behind one: Worries, fears, calamities, and defeat, which will compel the dreamer to flee in view of the Quranic verses: “And sun and moon are united.

On that day man will cry: Wither to flee!”  (“Al-Qiyamah” or [The Resurrection], verses 9–10.) • The sun, the moon, and the stars becoming black, troubled, or agitated: Livelihood will take a bad turn. • A solar eclipse: Something will happen to the king. • A cloud enshrouding the sun and blocking its light: The king will be ill. • A cloud enshrouding the sun and blocking its light, then moving away: A scholar will experience some worries, which will ultimately disappear. • The sun remaining still behind the clouds: The king will die. • The sun rays staying away from the dreamer:  (1) The dreamer will be disregarded by his superior.  (2) The dreamer will be overthrown.  (3) The dreamer will lose his means of living.  (4) If a woman, she will be wedded to a man who will fail to support her. • The sun burning crops and parks or its heat hurting people:  (1) Diseases and epidemics.  (2) Tyranny and injustice.  (3) Plagues.  (4) Higher food prices. • Prostrating oneself before the sun  (or the moon): The dreamer will commit a great sin or a crime. – Allah Kaarim

Our Lord! Forgive us our sins as well as those of our brethren who proceeded us in faith and let not our hearts entertain any unworthy thoughts or feelings against [any of] those who have believed. Our Lord! You are indeed full of kindness and Most Merciful (59:10)

What is Islam? What does it say about the purpose of life? You deserve to know about the fastest growing religion in the world. - Being a pious Muslim its our responsibility to spread the message of Islam..
What is Islam? What does it say about the purpose of life? You deserve to know about the fastest growing religion in the world.