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Abraham Dream Explanation

Abraham Dream Explanation — (Allah’s bosom friend, upon whom be peace, arb. khalil) To see the Prophet Abraham, upon whom be peace, in a dream is a good sign of wealth, blessings, glad tidings, devotion, long life, assiduousness, healing of a sick, noble goals, righteous progeny, commanding good and forbidding evil, discarding bad company, compliance with the divine ruling, knowledge, guidance, success after failure and separation from one’s family and kin to seek Allah’s nearness and pleasure. In a dream, Abraham represents the element of compassion toward one’s son and family and sometime he represents the element of adversities and finally of reaching safety . (Also see Feast of Immolation; Station of Abraham)

Abraham Dream Explanation — See Ibrahim.

Station of Abraham Dream Explanation — (Maqam Ibrahim, arb.) One who stands at the Station of Abraham at the Sacred Mosque in Mecca and offers his prayers in a dream is a pious person who observes the divine laws and who may be invited to perform a pilgrimage. If a terrified person sees himself entering inside the Station of Abraham in a dream, it means that all his fears will be dispelled and that he will reach the abode of safety. Entering the station of Allah’s prophet Abraham, upon whom be peace, in a dream also means receiving honors, seeking knowledge, or receiving an inheritance from one’s father or mother. Standing up or sitting at the Station of Abraham in a dream also may signify living by the divine laws until one’s soul returns to its Lord. (Also see Abraham)

Ibrahim  – Abraham Dream Explanation — Seeing Ibrahim has contradictory interpretations. • Seeing Ibrahim: (1) A good omen—blessings, worship, and the wisdom of old age. (2) Luck, prosperity, and selflessness. (3) Care for holy shrines. (4) Pious and decent progeny. (5) Promotion of virtue and deterrence from vice. (6) Will go on hajj  (pilgrimage to Mecca (Makkah)). (7) Will be severely harmed by an unjust tyrant, then God will make the dreamer triumph over that tyrant and all other enemies. He will shower His blessings on him, and the dreamer will marry a virtuous wife. (8) Father will abandon family and other relatives to obey and worship God. (9) A reference to the kind father, because Ibrahim is the father of Islam and gave that religion its name.  (10) Enduring a miserable life to mend fences between others or because of some good deed.  (11) Lawmaking.  (12) The preservation of moral values and separation from evil companions. • A woman seeing Ibrahim: Will experience anger and sorrow on the part of her husband because of one of her male children, or the latter will go through hardships, then be saved. • A father of many children seeing Ibrahim: One of his boys will divorce. • Accompanying Ibrahim or walking beside him:  (1) The dreamer will get into trouble with foes but emerge victorious and become a just ruler  (authoritative man) or an imam  (spiritual leader).  (2) The dreamer will befriend some folk who will submit him to a hard test on their part. • Being summoned by Ibrahim and responding promptly: Elevation in life. • Being called by Ibrahim and failing to respond or the dreamer seeing Ibrahim talking to him with remonstrance’s or looking sad:  (1) Will fail to perform the pilgrimage to Mecca (Makkah) despite ability to do so.  (2) Will abandon prayers.  (3) Will backbite the imam.  (4) Will behave like a hypocrite. • An atheist seeing Ibrahim Will embrace Islam. • A guilty person or a sinner seeing Ibrahim: Will repent. • A guilty person who had abandoned praying seeing Ibrahim: Will resume that virtuous practice. • Seeing oneself in the image of Ibrahim or in his costume:  (1) Will encounter hardships.  (2) Wisdom and prosperity will replace trouble and worries.

Maqam Ibrahim  (The Station Of Abraham, Near The Kabah In Mecca (Makkah) Dream Explanation — ) • Having been to Maqam Ibrahim and prayed in its direction: The dreamer is a true believer who learns and memorizes religious tenets and will be granted the privilege of performing the pilgrimage. The Quran says: “The First House  (of worship) appointed for men was that at Bakka  (Mecca (Makkah)): Full of blessings and of guidance for all kinds of beings. In it are Signs manifest;  (for example), the Station of Abraham; whoever enters it attains security; pilgrimage thereto is a duty men owe to God”  (“Al-Imran” [The Imran Family], verses 96–97.) • Entering Maqam Ibrahim:  (1) Will be delivered from fear and feel secure.  (2) Will obtain a very high post, perhaps the leadership of the country.  (3) Will inherit from one’s father or mother.

Maqam Ibrahim Dream Explanation — (arb. See Abraham; Pilgrimage; Station of Abraham)

Pilgrimage rituals Dream Explanation — (See Arafat; Circumambulation; Cradle of Ismail; Kabah; Mina; Muzdalifa; Pelting stones; Responding; Sai; Station of Abraham; Umrah)

Rituals of the pilgrimage Dream Explanation — (See Arafat; Circumambulation; Cradle of Ismail; Kabah; Mina; Muzdalifa; Pelting stones; Responding; Sai; Station of Abraham; Umrah)

Mina Dream Explanation — (Pilgrims camp; Pilgrimage) Seeing oneself in Mina in a dream means fulfilling one’s wishes in this world and in the next, and it could mean dispelling all fears. (Also see Arafat; Circumambulation; Cradle of Ismail; Kabah; Muzdalifa; Pelting stones; Pilgrimage; Responding; Station of Abraham; Umrah)

Colocynth Dream Explanation — The colocynth tree symbolizes a restless or impatient and uneasy man, an irreligious coward. God Almighty has described it in the Holy Quran as wicked and unstable: “And the similitude of a bad saying is as a bad tree, uprooted from upon the earth, possessing no stability”  (“Ibrahim” [Abraham], verse 26). Its fruit is a harbinger of worries and sorrow.

Worship Dream Explanation — • Worshiping a star or a tree:  (1) The dreamer has or will embrace Sabaism or Sabeanism, the religion of those described by Allah in the following terms: “Swaying between this  (and that),  (belonging) neither to these nor to those …”  (“Al-Nisae” [Women], verse 143.)  (2) The dreamer is trying to serve a prestigious person who has little, if any, religion. • Worshiping fire:  (1) The dreamer is disobeying God in favour of Satan.  (2) The dreamer is a warmonger. • Worshiping a fire without flame or which has been put out: The dreamer is running after sins or illicit gains  (because sins are like fire).  (1) The dreamer is aspiring to enter the service of a sultan, because fire is a sultan: a potentate whose power is so autocratic that he can afford to be whimsical Being in a musalla, or prayer area, means one will perform hajj  (pilgrimage) and be secure in view of the following verses in the Holy Quran: “And when We made the House [at Mecca (Makkah)] a resort for mankind and a sanctuary,  (saying) Take as your place of worship the place where Ibrahim  (Abraham) stood  (to pray). And We imposed a duty upon Ibrahim and Ismail  (Ishmael),  (saying): Purify My House for those who go around and those who meditate therein and those who bow down and prostrate themselves  (in worship). And when Abraham prayed: My Lord! Make this an area of security and bestow upon its people fruits, such of them as believe in Allah and the Last Day, He answered: As for him who disbe-lieveth, I shall leave him in contentment for a while, then I shall compel him to the doom of fire—a hapless journey’s end!”  (“Al-Baqarah” [The Heifer], verses 155–126.)

Cradle of Ismail Dream Explanation — (A section of the Sacred House in Mecca.) Seeing oneself praying or standing at the Cradle of Ismail in a dream means bearing a son who will become the principal provider for the family. If one is rich, then seeing the cradle of Ismail in a dream means that he will be debarred from his assets and that his rights to use them will be suspended. (Also see Circumambulation; Cradle; Kabah; Muzdalifa; Pelting stones; Pilgrimage; Responding; Station of Abraham)

Ismail Dream Explanation — Seeing Ismail  (Ishmael) means the dreamer:  (1) Will face hardships at the hand of his father, then be saved by God.  (2) Will become an eloquent politician or chief.  (3) Will be promised something by a truthful person.  (4) Will build or help construct a mosque in view of the Quranic verse that reads: “And when Abraham and Ishmael were raising the foundations of the House”  (“Al-Baqarah” [The Cow], verse 127.)

Ismail Dream Explanation — (The prophet Ismail, son of the prophet Abraham, upon both of them be peace.) If one sees him in a dream, it means that he will gain clarity of speech and preside over his colleagues. He also may build a mosque, or participate in such a project. It also means that someone will make a promise and be truthful about fulfilling it. If one sees Ismail in a dream, it means that he may suffer at the hands of his father, then Allah Almighty will relief him from such sufferings or pain.

Shuaib Dream Explanation — (Allah’s prophet Shuaib, upon whom be peace, a great-grandson of Madyan and one of the children of Allah’s prophet Abraham, upon whom be peace.) Seeing him a dream means that one lives among people who fake their measures, cheat in their weight, withhold things that are due and do mischief. Such people will cause him harm, though at the end one will triumph over them, beget daughters and live happily with them. If the prophet Shuaib (uwbp) looks ghastly in the dream, it means that one may lose his sight.

Sacrifice Dream Explanation — (Immolation) To offer a sacrifice in a dream means to fulfill one’s promises, relief from difficulty, healing of the sick, or increase in one’s earnings. If the one offering a sacrifice interprets dreams as a profession, then it means that he has misinterpreted someone’s dream, that he gave him bad advice, or sacrificed the interest of the person in question. Sacrificing in a dream also means receiving an inheritance. If a pregnant woman sees such a dream, it means that she will bear a righteous son. (Also see Abraham; Ismail; Immolation; Lamb; Offering; Ram; Sheep)

Muzdalifa Dream Explanation — (arb. Mishar Al-Haram; Rituals of the Pilgrimage) Seeing oneself at Muzdalifa in a dream means receiving a commendation because of one’s endeavor to fulfill his prescribed duties, or it could mean payment of debts, or fulfillment of a promise. To see the sacred station at Muzdalifa (arb. Mishar Al-Haram) in a dream means observing Allah’s commandments and fulfilling the divine injunctions. If one finds himself standing before the sacred station of Muzdalifa, seeking refuge in its sanctuary in a dream, it means that he will receive guidance and dispel his fears. (Also see Arafat; Circumambulation; Cradle of Ismail; Kabah; Mina; Pelting stones; Pilgrimage; Responding; Sai; Station of Abraham; Umrah)

Incident Dream Explanation — Sheikh Muhammad bin Isa al-Rikhawi of Aleppo, Syria, once saw in a dream that God’s prophet Abraham, upon whom be peace, came and gave him forty camels. Shaikh Muhammad went to Shaikh Ahmad Shahabu Deen Al-Maghribi and told him his dream. Sheikh Shahabu Deen replied: ‘You will live forty years from this day.” On the thirty-ninth year, Sheikh Muhammad visited Sheikh Shahabu Deen who encouraged him to perform his pilgrimage that year. Sheikh Muhammad died three days after his return from Mecca. Sheikh Shahabu Deen led the funeral prayer and buried him beside his father. Shortly after that, Sheikh Ahmad Shahabu Deen died and was buried in their vicinity.

Manumission Dream Explanation — (Abraham; Ismail; Immolation; Liberation) Manumission of a slave in a dream represents a ritual sacrifice, or the offering of an animal during the Feats of Immolation, on the 10th day of the Arabic month of Zul-Hijjah, and following the annual pilgrimage to Mecca. If one gives permission to his wife to leave him in a dream, it means that they will be divorced. If a bondman sees himself liberated in a dream, it means that he or his master may die shortly. If a bondman dies in a dream, it means that he will be liberated. Manumission means departure from bondage. If a sick person sees himself liberated from bondage in a dream, it means his death. If he is a sinner, it means that he will repent for his sin. If he is an atheist, it means that he will become a believer and Allah Almighty will forbid his flesh to hell-fire. If a free man sees himself liberated from slavery in a dream, it means that he will repay his debts, or repent for his sins. (Also see Feast of Immolation; Slave)

Lot Dream Explanation — (Allah’s prophet Lut; Nephew of Allah’s prophet and bosom friend Abraham, upon both of them be peace) Seeing the prophet Lot in a dream means distress and trouble caused by one’s own people and wife, or perhaps it could mean victory over one’s enemy and witnessing Allah’s wrath toward them. Seeing the prophet Lot in a dream also denotes obliteration of a nation, effacement, earthquake and destruction if the people who displease their Lord and follow the conduct of the dwellers of the two cities of Sodom and Gomorrah. Seeing the prophet Lot’s wife in a dream means that one’s wife will rebel against him and strive to destroy his life and perhaps she will also be destroyed during that process. If everyone sees Lot’s wife in a dream, it means that evil will spread among the women of that land. Seeing the prophet Lot, upon whom be peace, in a dream also denotes a warning against sodomy, and it means that one’s wife is a corrupt woman. – Allah Kaarim

Our Lord! Forgive us our sins as well as those of our brethren who proceeded us in faith and let not our hearts entertain any unworthy thoughts or feelings against [any of] those who have believed. Our Lord! You are indeed full of kindness and Most Merciful (59:10)

What is Islam? What does it say about the purpose of life? You deserve to know about the fastest growing religion in the world. - Being a pious Muslim its our responsibility to spread the message of Islam..
What is Islam? What does it say about the purpose of life? You deserve to know about the fastest growing religion in the world.